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Manual Link Building Service .

Powerful way to boost your website’s ranking in SERP. Our Manual Link Building Service is totally whitehat and effective.

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Manual Link Building Services .


$ 40 /Permanent

  • 25 Manual Quora Answers 100% Original Content.
  • 5 Business Listing Backlinks
  • 5 Event Backlinks
  • 5 Portfolio Backlinks
  • 5 Curation Backlinks
  • 5 .Gov Links
  • 5 .Edu Links
  • 250 Manual Social Signals
  • TAT : 10 Days


$ 70 /Permanent

  • 50 Manual Quora Answer Services with Orginal Contents
  • 10 Business Listing Backlinks
  • 10 Event Backlinks
  • 10 Portfolio Backlinks
  • 10 Curation Backlinks
  • 10 .Gov Links
  • 15 .EDU Links ( Bonus )
  • 500 Manual Social Signals
  • TAT : 14 Days


$ 100 /Permanent

  • 100 Manual Quora Answer Services with Orginal Contents
  • 15 Business Listing Backlinks
  • 15 Event Backlinks
  • 15 Portfolio Backlinks
  • 15 Curation Backlinks
  • 15 .Gov Links
  • 15 .EDU Links
  • 750 Manual Social Signals
  • TAT : 18 Days

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Online Businesses

SEO is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

Getting Traffic from search engines can eventually boost your sales and web presence.

We go the extra mile to help your business reach its objectives.

SEO Agencies

Linkacquire Understands how difficult it is to manage Off and On Page SEO.

Thats Why Our Manual Link Building Service will help you to focus on other aspect of your business.

We are highly dedicated to our work and understand the importance of it.

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing is very tough and we totally understand.

We at LinkAcquire specialize in Link Building by using our service you can be carefree about Link Building.

We believe " Quality Over Quantity". And we honor our Motto.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all niches except adult and gambling. Sometimes we can make exception you can contact us on our email.

We will provide you an detailed report. You’ve to index these backlinks yourself by using any working Indexer.

All sales are final once work has started.

As of now, we only accept english.

Yes, all links placed on our partner sites are permanent. If some websites drops your Link we will replace link for free on other authority site.

SEO is a slow process. SEO is not an Overnight thing. It needs patience, consistent effort and investment.

Yes, we do. You need to contact us for that.

No, We do not provide samples.

No, Please Do not order more then 1 for same url.

Why Manual Link Building Service ?

Link building plays a crucial role in performing effective Search Engine Optimization strategy. Manual link building is a process of increasing the quality of backlinks.

Firstly, you need to know that building links from random sources does not work anymore. Google constantly keeps an eye for bad links on your website. If Google finds any bad links pointing to your domain, then it might damage your website authority and rankings as well.

Nowadays, there are many sites which are performing automation link building and observing an instant spike in their rankings. However, these rankings are short-lived.

There is always a debatable question in the field of SEO, “Is Automation link building better or manual?”

So, let’s discuss it in detail now:

Difference between automation and Manual link building

Manual link building is a process of building good, clean, and relevant backlinks to your website. So, what do good links mean?

Good links mean:

Relevant Context: Backlinks that are pointing to your website are from relevant content, and they do not fall out of the place.

Valuable to Users: Good links means the links which are valuable in the eyes of users that can provide more information on the topic they are looking for.

High Authority: The links pointing to your website must be from high authority sites. The higher the authority of the website, the faster you can observe rankings.

Natural Anchor Text: Stuffing the backlink with irrelevant anchor text does not make any sense to the users. Instead, the anchor text must provide enough insights to the users, and should describe the users what they can expect from your content.

In short, manual backlinks means including the link to your website in a natural manner that benefits both the users and your website in the long term. When these backlinks are taken from a high-quality publisher, it brings in faster results.

On the flip side, automation link building means building irrelevant and poor quality backlinks to your website with the help of link building automation tools like Scrapebox, RankerX, etc. Though the links taken from these sites might benefit your website in the short run, it will penalize your domain in the long run.

As mentioned above, Google always loves the natural behaviour of backlinks when compared to automated backlinks.

How is Manual Link Building powerful than Automation Link Building?

Prior to the penguin update, link building was a synonym for spam and automation links. In short, the quantity of the backlinks was considered more important the quality of the backlinks. Post penguin update, Google has penalized and devalued all the sites that were ranking with the help of automation links.

Here are some of the best manual link building strategies:

Relevant Blog Commenting

Comments have the power to pass a good link juice to your 0website if taken from authority sites. However, your blog comment must be relevant to the content on that blog post. If you are planning to take backlinks from a random site, then blog commenting is not going to work.

Authority Guest Post

This is another form of manual link building that boosts the authority and trust factor of your website if done properly. Authority guest posts have transformed to spammy links over a period of time. However, authority guest blogging means creating solid quality content. It does not have any random piece of content which does not add value to your website.

In this type of manual link building, user satisfaction is kept in the mind and content is crafted. If applied smartly, authority guest blogging will always play a great role in ranking your website.

Relevant Forum Links

Forum links are a great source of backlinks. If you are taking links from forums that are relevant to your niche, they are considered to be beneficial to your website in the long run. Since, many readers are looking out for new content in your niche, leaving a link to your website on niche-relevant forums, will benefit your users as well as you.

Email Outreach

Email outreach is not only a great manual link building technique, but it also helps you to establish good connect with your fellow webmasters. These relationships can benefit you and your blogs in the long run. In email outreach technique, you will scrape the links of the webmaster, and start pitching them for getting your links placed on relevant content in their website.

Press Release

This is a great example of manual link building. Earlier press release backlinks were considered to be a spam link, but with the recent changes in the structure and quality of these websites, PR links are also counted as one of the best backlinks for boosting your website rankings in the search engines.

The main purpose of press releases is to help the freelancers, journalists, readers, and influencers to discover new content in the niche. Here is where the press releases add value to your website.

These are some of the effective manual link building strategies that help any website rank faster in Google.

On the flip side, automated link building strategy involves scraping the links of different websites and feed them into bots or link building software. The biggest con of this method is that one does not have control over the type of website where the links are being placed. This way, search engines like Google will find your links to be unnatural and eventually penalize the website.

This is why manual link building is considered to be more powerful than automated link building. If you are planning to build a brand, then it is recommended to focus on manual link building right from the start.