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Importance of Consistent Link Building for Higher Rankings

As a webmaster, if you understand consistent Link Building, then you understand what can help you better search engine rankings.

When you understand why link building is important and begin to implement a solid link building strategy, you need to understand why link building is an ongoing process. 

Importance of consistent Link Building

Search engines love new content. When you write an article about your website or your service or product, you're giving the search engines what they want; fresh, unique content. 

However, because everyone else is also feeding the search engines new content, news and information tend to get stale quickly.

You can compare your link building strategy to a person climbing stairs with a yo-yo. The stairs are equivalent to your long-term link building activities. 

The yo-yo represents the ebb and flow of traffic and links to your site. So, the general direction of your linking activities should be pointing up. That is, you have to continue "the climb".

You'll notice that, as you increase your activity, your traffic will increase as will your search engine rankings. This represents the yo-yo on its way up.

Then, after the initial surge, traffic will tend to die down. That's the yo-yo at the bottom of its swing. When you take another step (i.e., submit more articles, submit to more link directories, and post to your blog), your traffic will increase. This represents the yo-yo coming back up from the swing.

Drawbacks of not doing consistent link building 

On the other hand, if your link building process stalls or completely stop altogether, it's the equivalent of someone walking downstairs, but this time there's less movement in the yo-yo. You'll see a steady decline in traffic as well as links because your once fresh content is old.

The great news is that most webmasters don't fully understand how link building gets them ranked and, more importantly, how consistent link building process is the key to achieving higher rankings in the search engines. 

Why is this great news? 

Because you can take advantage of it! Most webmasters only have a few dozen links. No one wants to spend hours and hours just for link building. We want all the reward with little to no effort.

Link Building is very simple. You don't need super technical knowledge to understand how it works. You just have to put in the time required to get and have to do consistent link building. When you truly understand this, then you'll put in the work required to do a good job.

Conclusion :

So, whether you implement a consistent link building strategy your self or outsource the job to some Link Building Services Company else, it's critical that you maintain momentum. It takes time, but you will be rewarded for staying diligent.

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