One way Links: Are They Effective And Powerful?

What is One Way Links? 

One-way links are links that point to your site from other sites. One way link is the process of link building your site’s links on other sites without any exchange. It is somewhat similar to guest posting.

Why Are One-Way Links Helpful?

These types of links send a very powerful message to all of the major search enginesIn short, it lets them know that your website is extremely valuable, very interesting, and useful to owners and readers of other sites that they want to tell their audience about it.

One-way links are great to have because they help to increase your site authorityT​​he number of pages that links directly to your site. Search engines, especially Google, place a ton of importance on link popularity when ranking your site in their SERP results.

Get One Way links from relevant website

You should  garner direct traffic to your site from people who come to your sites through links placed on other sites.

This link should look legit and relevant. It should not look like you are just placing link for link Juice. Make sure, when you are buying one-way link or guest post the website should have traffic. You can use tools like ahrefs, semrush and moz to get idea of their traffic.

Most links to your site are good, but when at all possible, you should aim for links on sites that are topically related to your site and its content.

In a tweet, John mueller of Google stated that Google does not reward sites that abuse reciprocal linking. You should take notice of this warning and try to make sure that as many of your links as possible are one-way links.

Ways to get one-way links

Make your website interesting and useful to your target reading audience. Submit your site to Google webmaster and other search engine, in the appropriate category.

Write useful and informative articles then submit them to article directories online. Hunt for blogs that complement yours and engage their readers in discussion then ask them to publish your articles or link to them.

Post brief, useful hints to industry specific blogs and discussion boards for the same reason.

Publish articles on pages within your site and invite other websites related to your content to publish them on their websites, with a link pointing back to your article.

1. Write testimonials.

Participate helpfully and without expectation of direct gain in related forums. Read the forum rules and protocols first, or you risk of getting banned will be high.

Give away free ebooks and white papers that have links to your site.

2. Get listed in online business directories.

Create a blog and submit it to the major blog directories.

These few tips should get you on your way to building a web of one-way links to your site. There are many more ways to go about getting one-way links to your site. The one thing you need to remember is that linking and getting one-way links to your site is an ongoing process and should be incorporated as part of your daily schedule.


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